Everyone is online, but how is your brand, products or services being communicated?


Let me be your "end-user" eyes, I will help in optimizing your digital profile, connecting all ends so your company will have a stronger online presence than the competition.

Optimize your communication processes, capture the moments where you lose sale, the right employees or shared know'how. Locate where time has become restrained and creativity much needed. Give strength back to your brand story, and see how a new digital strategy will prevail. Create new channels for increased communication and innovative thoughts..


Contact me if your company need:


» Small changes ... Large impact

» Digital & Social Media strategy

» Innovative concept development

» Market needs & delimitations

» Brand platforms & content

» Management go'2'market brainstorm



I can be booked as a consultant or employee for a longer period.

Language // Danish, English, Scandinavian (SE-NO)



I daily tweet about Digital, Branding & Marketing topics