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Today it's just development, not IT or Business.. just development. No department can work without support from the other departments when developing new products or services.

How does your development teams interact with the other departments?

Focus on securing the optimal outcome, create a process where everyone contribute and understand the given problem.


  • Reporting: More flexibility to meet and manage the changing needs of customers.

  • Method: With focused agile aligened tools, there will be more transparency, information sharing, and control.

  • Research: Constant feedback, iteration and innovation will bring more visibility to the company.

  • Content: Organizational objectives or business goals, becomes clear and  measurable.

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I focus on connecting cross development to secure the optimal experience.

  • Mapping potential journey dots and touch points which the given solution will be delivered in.
  • Visualize ecosystems and involve departments that has to mature their service, for future success.
  • Create knowledge sharing processes and learning KPIs to ensure greater GTM.

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