Everyone needs inspiration and sometimes it is more powerfull when its an "outsider"... it can be a panel discussion, a talk, a session or a full workshop. Most important is that it touches upon the challenges which the listeners have.

1 hour inspirational talk

    • How to communicate business needs and how to enhance cross collaboration communication -for when you don't work in business.



    • How to improve each stage of the end-to-end customer lifecycle, understanding servicedesign and how everyone can be become better at understanding the bigger picture.


    • How to shape innovative agendas - is it only about thinking and creating new? Or can innovation also be about optimizing the existing processes...

    A talk is suitable for internal and external seminars & conferences or "go-home" events

    Duration: 1 hour.
    Price: DKK 8,500

    ex. VAT and transport

    2 hour theme session


    • How to share knowledge? Recognizing that knowledge is a process, not a thing. Learn how to make knowledge visible and accessible in any organization.


    • Which tools are important for your development teams? To become better at explaining how your idea/feature/solution, makes the business stronger. 


    • Why do we need to look at the other dots on the customer journey?. Our department dosen't even service them? Understand the importance of the full customer experience.

    A theme session is suitable for internal and external seminars, conferences, course days and training.

    Duration: 2 hours + break

    Price: DKK 14,500

    ex. VAT and transport

    Full workshop with materials

    Focus is on setting a goal for the intended purpose, challenges or scope of the workshop. 


    Planning a hands-on agenda so everyone will be involved and participating during the workshop, to secure a high learning curve where everyone feels included. By creating group exercises for each different theme or tool.


    The workshops are suitable for all internal levels, from management to developers. As training, strategy or development sprints


    I also do one-on-one session, to help your PO/managers to facilitate a workshop themselves.

    Duration: from 2 hours to days as agreed upon.

    Price: Depending on the scope and preparation of the assignment.

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