Transformation today, is to a greater extent about creating the right recommendations, assessments and opportunities, which will help your company put the new agenda to the center.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data is a strong parameter in process optimization and I always try to challenge the business to dive into their data strategy. This is to ensure that all regulatory rules are meet, and that future processes can become customer centric. All my recommendations include knowledge from data mining and internal statistics.

E-commers & Ecosystems

To create an effective process, one must constantly think user and system centered. This ensures that the entire omnichannel becomes a sustainable ecosystem and gives the customer a 360-degree experience. We want the customer to feel empowered, in their decisions making, I therefore use co-creating methods to align possible gabs.

Architecture, Integrations & Infrastructure

Goes hand in hand with successful processes. Always staying curious and try to understand the blueprint for the existing or new solutions. Technology is often an invisible tool, which has the purpose to enhance a process, that’s why it becomes crucial, we not only look at the customer need, but also understand the utilization of internal systems.

The Customer Journey & Customer Experience

Although most customer facing channels are digital and data driven today, analog systems and processes are as important, hence most support has a human factor. I map out the problems and opportunities with stakeholders and experts from both IT and busines. This observable method provides strong executable opportunities, which capture both quick initiatives, but also ideas for larger transformations.

People & Culture

I have worked with both commercial and technical transformation and have developed a greater understanding of the difference between internal and external communication.

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