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Commercial Analysis 

The Process: I'll work closely with your business department(s) to identify opportunities for commercial innovation, improving your processes, products, and services, and ultimately, gain a competitive knowledge in your respective industries. 


The Result: A strong commercial approach will be formulated, including milestones, potential new market reach, all aligned with your company's mission, vision, and long-term objectives. Fostering more innovation and drive growth, so your company can stay competitive and relevant in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape

Platform Development

The Process: I'll work closely with your development team(s) to map, locate and focus on which enhancements need to be build, as user needs, changing market conditions and compliant rules continuously change.

Ensuring alignment with  market conditions.

The Result: A strong cross-department product and service roadmap. Focusing on building an adaptive platform that aligns closely with user needs, market conditions, and regulatory requirements. Fostering Dev-Ops mentality through continuous monitoring to align with the maintenance team.


Due Diligence

The Process: I'll work closely with the acquired company/system and the affected department  or customer. Locating key aspects and considerations during the post-merger, while mapping the system & service gap in the product ecosystem


The Result: A strong analysis with a plan to ensure, that all critical aspects for realizing any anticipated benefits of the merger, are well documented and based on evidence alignment from the existing system and service.  Fostering a greater understanding of what needs to be delivered, for a smooth transition. 

Working with a Customer-centric approach involves multiple touchpoints, which are various points of interaction between a customer, technology and a business throughout the customer journey.

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